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Protecting Value through Building Maintenance and Repair

Building Maintenance and RepairABM offers a variety of building maintenance and repair services. Whether you need a fully-staffed, on-site commercial property maintenance team, or a small property network solution leveraging our service center and mobile service network, ABM has the right solution for your building maintenance needs.


On-Site Commercial Property Maintenance for Large Properties

ABM’s on-site commercial property maintenance services are designed for large properties that require full-time, on-site staffing of maintenance engineers. In most cases, this solution best serves buildings of at least 100,000 square feet with critical systems needing immediate response, up-keep of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, or general building maintenance. Property types that fit the on-site commercial property maintenance model include:

  • Commercial high-rise buildings
  • Corporate campuses
  • Data centers
  • Manufacturing facilities

In addition to technical maintenance and repair, we also perform critical and high voltage electrical testing as well as other electrical & lighting solutions.

We also provide integrated facility solutions that include building maintenance and other services.

Mobile Maintenance for Smaller Sites

Our mobile commercial property maintenance and repair services designed for smaller sites offer a broad scope of work including, but not limited to, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting, regular preventive maintenance, and quality inspections.

ABM’s mobile building maintenance works well for geographically-clustered industrial and commercial portfolios, such as:

  • Retail bank branches
  • Utility sub-stations
  • Telecommunication repeaters
  • Dense retail walk-up portfolios

If you have a specific need for only HVAC and mechanical repair, ABM also offers a solution focused on this service.

Small Property Network Solutions

ABM also has an answer for sites that may not have daily service needs but still have periodic building maintenance and repair needs. Our small property network customers enjoy the convenience of on-demand services via our Call Center. Typically, this commercial property maintenance solution is best for leased facilities with broad to limited service needs, including:

  • Field sales offices
  • Trade schools
  • Grocery stores
  • Small retail locations

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