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Chiller Services

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Temperature is about more than comfort; it is also critical to maintaining peak performance and efficiency for your technology resources. ABM’s Chiller Services Group brings years of experience to installing and maintaining chiller systems for mission critical systems, preventing future problems and minimizing downtime.

We provide the resources and experience needed to ensure that your cooling needs are met for all your critical equipment – and we will work with you to cut costs, save energy, and improve efficiency.

With over 100 years of combined field experience, ABM’s Chiller Services Group is capable of handling all of your chiller system maintenance, repair, retrofit and installation needs anytime and anywhere.

ABM's Chiller Services Group Specializes In:

  • Air and Water Cooled Rotary Screw Chillers
  • Air and Water Cooled Scroll Chillers
  • Hermetic and Open-Drive Centrifugal Chillers
  • Low Temperature Chillers to -30˚F
  • All Major Manufacturers: Trane, York, Carrier, McQuay and Turbocor

24/7/365 Emergency Chiller Services

You cannot afford downtime or outages with your mission critical equipment – that is why ABM’s Chiller Services Group provides immediate response to your needs through our 24-hour call center. We’re different from other chiller contractors because we have “always on” communication systems using Blackberries, pagers and the Internet making tracking and reporting your service requests simple and accurate.

Chiller Services Group’s Commercial and Industrial Service Capabilities

Discover more about ABM’s comprehensive list of service capabilities.

Account Management

ABM’s Chiller Services Group provides a level of dedication and customer service to help your project finish on time, with as few business disruptions as possible. Chiller Services Group’s account managers are always on hand to address any issues with your chiller units.

Our account managers are committed to keeping you informed of operations at your facilities, and will ensure that all programs are in place, contract terms and conditions are being met, and that all critical cooling issues are resolved before they negatively affect your business.

Our Commitment to Safety

ABM’s Chiller Services Group puts safety first through a series of effective safety management systems designed to cut costs and improve productivity. Not only do all Chiller Services Group employees receive general safety training as well as specialized safety training as warranted by their assigned duties, we will also work with you to maximize the benefit of our safety efforts.

Our Risk Management professionals will work with your team to promote the safest possible work environment for your facility through regular worksite safety inspections, ongoing training, and safety awareness and sustainability programs.

Careers with ABM’s Chiller Services Group

ABM’s Chiller Service Group offers a wide variety of positions for skilled technicians in locations across the country, and our internal training program provides employees with the opportunity to learn additional skills and potentially grow into a management role. A job with ABM’s Chiller Services Group isn’t just a job – it’s a career. Click here to find out more about positions with ABM’s Chiller Services Group.

Find out more about how ABM Chiller Services Group can help your business, or call us at 866-948-5462.