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Comprehensive Clinical Engineering

ABM Health’s Comprehensive Clinical Engineering (CCE) is a comprehensive asset and hospital technology management plan that offers maintenance, repair, management, and support services for your medical equipment under a fixed price agreement. With one number to call and one provider to pay, CCE transforms your major management burden to peace of mind.

CCE takes into consideration the diverse and changing technologies being supported in clinical engineering, and recognizes that not every device is best serviced on a self-perform basis. Our state of the art systems allow our on-site managers the flexibility to select the most effective service mode at the point of delivery. While most service events are handled by our own technicians and specialists, pre-qualified vendors and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services are utilized when needed to maximize equipment utilization, patient care, and revenue.

Our CCE service model creates many synergies for financial, clinical, and administrative management of your equipment. We:

  • Assume full responsibility for the entire clinical engineering spend
  • Provide all necessary personnel and manage all vendors, ensuring appropriate responsiveness and competency
  • Assume the risk of unexpected high maintenance costs on specified equipment, guaranteed to cap your costs
  • Work with you to develop mutually agreed upon and measurable key metrics
  • Provide all technology and systems needed to support our on-site staff; additionally, we provide you with online access to your inventory and work history data
  • Work transparently with your staff, serve on technology committees, and support Clinical Engineering – Healthcare Information Technology (CE-HIT) integration.

With over 600 successful accreditations from The Joint Commission, DNV, CMS, AAAHC, and other accreditation agencies, ABM Health’s CCE stands apart from the competition. Our proactive approach to CE-HIT Convergence and other changes in the medical technology field, coupled with a service delivery model that flexes with your changing needs, provide a proven advantage over a stand-alone approach to clinical engineering.

ABM Health also offers Compliance-Based Clinical Engineering Programs and Management Services, as well as Clinical Engineering Consulting Services.

If you are a current clinical engineering client requiring technical support, please call us at 800-248-4624.

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