Parking & Shuttle

The Most Comprehensive Parking Solutions in Healthcare

ABM Healthcare Support Services is a pioneer in healthcare parking solutions and draws on our unique experience with healthcare systems and hospitals of every size to develop aggressive strategies that maximize space and improve revenues.

Cost-effective Parking Management

Our goal is to streamline your overall operation, applying sophisticated revenue-control procedures and detailed accounting practices. We also bring a fresh approach to facility maintenance, elevating your facility’s image – something the entire community you serve will recognize. From a 100 space surface lot to multiple garages encompassing thousands of spaces, we have the experience to handle your needs.

Efficient Shuttle Services

Many hospitals have minimal on-site parking and are forced to require employees and visitors to park at satellite locations several minutes away. Our systematic approach to employee and visitor shuttle services will produce efficient, money-saving strategies.

We take safety very seriously and have an excellent safety record. We equip our fleet of vehicles with “in vehicle” cameras that are triggered by excessive forces or speed. These cameras continually monitor our employee drivers under this program.

Traffic Control

ABM can also increase your guest’s comfort by maintaining control of deliveries, eliminating unattended vehicles curbside, enforcing short term drop-off and pick-up policies, and providing directions to alternative parking and support to hospital patients and guests.

Safe Driver Training

Our unique “Safe Driver” training course is designed for all employees who are required to drive a patient or company vehicle to perform their job duties. The results of our Safe Driver training have proven to dramatically reduce claims of vehicle damage and increase patient service and employee safety.

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Whether you are looking for a single service, or a fully integrated, end-to-end, customized solution — ABM has a parking and shuttle program for you. Contact us for more information.

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