Reliability-Centered Maintenance and Asset Lifecycle Approach

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Reliability-centered maintenance involves evaluating and analyzing all the equipment at your sites. ABM has pioneered a multiple parameter approach to asset lifecycle management, which takes all of the following into consideration:

  • Remaining useful life
  • Extendable life
  • Replacement value
  • Business impact from failure
  • Original equipment manufacturer’s maintenance specifications
  • Run to fail lifespan and cost avoidance

Through our unique approach, we optimize building maintenance and repair practices for most major electro-mechanical and plumbing systems at your facilities. Our reliability-centered maintenance principles take the guesswork out of proactive maintenance, helping you quantify the short-term and long-term impact for each building system in your portfolio.

How Do We Approach Asset Lifecycle Management?

At ABM, we believe proper asset lifecycle management requires a detailed and involved process. In order to deliver reliability-centered maintenance to our clients, thereby increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs, we perform the following tasks:

  • ABM assigns senior maintenance engineers who have extensive reliable maintenance and equipment evaluation experience to the startup and commissioning of each assignment.
  • We then determine the lifecycle value of all major systems through proven asset lifecycle management methodologies.
  • Our company applies the optimum investment in equipment over time.
  • We leverage work management technology to carefully record equipment findings and apply procedures, tasks and schedules for each piece of equipment.


ABM’s approach to reliability-centered maintenance and asset lifecycle maintenance
The graphic above shows ABM’s approach to reliability-centered maintenance and asset lifecycle maintenance.


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