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Commercial Facility Services For All Your Properties No Matter Where They Are

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If you have multiple locations, all of them can benefit from ABM’s expertise in commercial facility services. Outsourcing maintenance services to ABM ensures consistency and quality, no matter where your facility is located or how many of them you have. As an industry leader, ABM can easily extend the services we provide at one property to all your sites nationally and even globally.

Because we have more than 100 years’ experience in thousands of facilities, we can maximize your commercial facility services dollar.

How You Benefit By Outsourcing Maintenance Services

Through our national account program, clients enjoy reduced costs, improved quality, and increased performance. Not to mention fewer administrative headaches. There are advantages to outsourcing maintenance services to a national company, versus a local one:

A Single Point of Contact. With ABM’s building maintenance solutions, there’s one phone number for service requests throughout the U.S.

Consolidated Billing. Receive electronic billing for seamless processing and upon request, itemized invoices for each of your service locations.

Streamlined Service Requests & Reporting. Get immediate response through our 24-hour call center or web-based customer portal that is accessible on PC’s, smart phones and other mobile devices.

Pricing Advantages. Enjoy the major cost benefits of dealing with a single vendor for all your commercial facility services and the buying power of a company that specializes in building maintenance solutions.

Dedicated Account Manager. ABM account managers keep you informed of operations at your facilities. They ensure that standardization programs are in place, all contract terms are being met, and facility issues are resolved as they arise. By outsourcing maintenance services to ABM, we become part of your team.

Measurable Results. We constantly measure and track performance, time and costs to ensure we are meeting your goals. We use a variety of methods to accomplish this, including work order reports, client satisfaction surveys, regular client communications, financial documentation, and service request tracking.

Preventative Maintenance Programs. We strive to identify and fix potential problems before they occur. ABM manages the preventative maintenance schedule so you don't have to. Complimentary reporting demonstrates the merit of this value-added service.

Our comprehensive suite of commercial facility services are available as stand-alone or integrated solutions. Start outsourcing maintenance services today – it will give you the time to focus on your business.

Contact us to learn more about commercial facility services through our National Account Program.