Human error is a leading cause of data center failure. Even simple mistakes can cause a well-designed and reliable facility to shut down.

In some cases, downtime means a loss of millions of dollars.

Factory Trained & Certified

We provide factory trained and certified critical facility technicians to manage, operate, and maintain the infrastructure of your mission critical facility.

Daily Procedures

We are able to perform daily system operation inspections, manage OEM vendors, ongoing preventative maintenance on system infrastructure, documentation and tracking through either our customizable CMMS system or utilize your existing CMMS system. All procedures are performed utilizing customer approved MOPs, SOPs and EOPs.

Training Processes

You can’t trust just anyone to take care of your equipment. We feel the same.

Our technicians have passed through a rigorous interview and training process.
We provide only top-quality, factory trained and certified technicians to
handle your equipment.

Strategic Alliances

Alliances with most of the top mechanical and electrical infrastructure manufacturers allow us to provide ongoing factory training to our technicians.

With more than 35 years of data center operations experience, they are trained to deal with any emergency and prevent downtime.

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