Facing Financial Burdens?

Many local governments across the country face a multitude of challenges, including tight budgets and a heightened demand for services. These challenges often increase the need for exploring alternatives that can provide affordable and sustainable solutions.

We understand these challenges and offer cities, towns, and municipalities solutions for nearly all facility needs.

From janitorial upkeep and electrical and lighting needs to HVAC maintenance and energy efficiency solutions, ABM provides multiple customized solutions to keep buildings clean and efficient for staff and visitors.


HVAC & Mechanical

Proper HVAC, mechanical, and temperature control system management for the comfort and well-being of the buildings’ occupants and visitors.



Internal and external lighting for an efficient atmosphere for employees and visitors.


Performance Contracting

Leveraging dollars already in the budget – and future energy and operating cost savings – to pay for needed improvements.



Cleaning and sanitation services inside buildings for healthy and clean environments.


Parking & Transportation

From parking facility management, shuttle services, or valet parking to off-street or on-street parking, we have solutions to fit nearly all your parking needs.


Electrical Power

Proactive maintenance on your building’s electrical systems improves reliability, increases equipment uptime, enhances safety, lowers operation costs, and prevents unexpected failure.

Improvement Districts

Downtowns can be a huge source of revenue for a city, and a clean and safe business or downtown improvement district encourages commerce suited to your urban landscape.

We provide urban maintenance services — to keep your city the way it’s meant to be — a thriving area where people work, live, shop, and enjoy themselves.

Public Private Partnership

A public-private partnership with ABM provides you and your citizens with the same or higher quality of services delivered at a lower cost. The partnership can provide protection from fiscal liabilities such as pensions, workers comp, and workforce management.

If you’ve been thinking about a public-private partnership, we’re here to help.

A Few of Our Featured Case Studies

Upson County

We helped Upson County with vital building infrastructure and HVAC and lighting needs with no taxpayer burden.

Town of Shirley

By working with us, the Town of Shirley was able to reduce their energy consumption by 20% in 5 years.

Municipality of Mt. Lebanon

We helped the municipality save $113,372 in annual operational savings.

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