Not all parking operators are created equal.

Choosing the wrong one can limit your options, inconvenience your parkers, and cause you to miss out on potential revenue.

But parking doesn’t have to be a pain.

We manage public and employee parking structures for municipalities throughout the country, including on- and off-street meter collection and parking enforcement services.

We’ve also coordinated efforts with municipal officials to accommodate their particular parking needs.

In fact, in a number of cities we manage the entire city-wide parking program.

We collect more than $1.5B in parking revenues for our clients

We valet park 1 million vehicles each day

Our shuttles transport 4.5+ million passengers each year

Whether you need parking facility management, shuttle services, or valet parking, either off-street or on-street, we give you an unconditional guarantee of service excellence.

Friendliness, automation expertise, safety reviews, and energy efficiency capabilities set us apart.

Other ABM differentiators include:

Stringent employee screening, hiring, & training
Technologies that simplify parking and safeguard and improve client revenues
LEED certification support, such as EV charging stations, solar panel installation, green cleaning & energy efficient lighting
Integrated facilities services option — electrical, energy, HVAC & mechanical, janitorial, landscape & grounds, and engineering under one contract

Proud to Partner with Parksmart



ABM was one of the founding members of Parksmart (formerly the Green Parking Council), and we’ve proudly served as a Platinum Level Partner. Parksmart is the world’s only certification system designed to advance sustainable mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation. Parksmart complements LEED and other certifications and is administered by Green Business Certification, Inc (GBCI).

A Few of Our Featured Case Studies…

City of Galveston

When Hurricane Ike flooded 75% of the Texas island and destroyed every meter in the city, we rebuilt the parking infrastructure and installed a state-of-the-art parking system that was energy efficient, cost effective, and tourist friendly.

City of Oakland

To help the City of Oakland meet ambitious sustainability targets, we transformed the MLK parking garage into an ultramodern facility that reduced energy use by 45% – all with a net zero impact to the budget.

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