Americans throw away enough office and writing paper each year to build a 12-foot-high wall that stretches from New York City to Los Angeles.

If all that paper were recycled, it could save 100 million tons of wood each year.

Source: www.buschsystems.com

People in the U.S. throw away enough aluminum every three months to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet.

Aluminum takes 500 years to break down, but recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to run a TV for three hours.

Source: www.buschsystems.com

Every day, Americans churn out
3.5 pounds of garbage.

If lined up bumper to bumper, a string of garbage trucks hauling the nation’s daily waste could reach halfway to the moon!

Source: www.buschsystems.com

Recycling is key. It can help:

We Are a Perfect Recycling Partner!

To help you do your part, we have developed large and impactful recycling programs.
No matter your size or industry, we have a green cleaning, waste diversion, or recycling program to meet your sustainability initiatives.

With our experience, we can help you plan, implement, communicate, and monitor your program.

With ABM as your recycling partner, we can help you:

  • Maintain and improve the
    community and the environment
  • Keep employees more
    content, healthy and productive
  • Protect your property’s value
  • Lower operating costs and
    reduce your bottom line
A Few of Our Recycling Clients…

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Learn how we helped Sea-Tac increase airport sustainability and positively increase facility recycling rates through green cleaning and waste diversion programs.

Santa Rosa School District

Find out how we developed a robust recycling program that helped them meet their green initiatives while saving 47% on trash disposal costs.

Los Angeles Convention Center

How did LACC grow from 55% occupancy to maximum capacity? Read how ABM janitorial helped LACC achieve record-breaking waste diversion rates and generate more operating profit.

Recycling in your building can help you earn Materials and Resources credits under the
LEED-O+M Rating System.

This credit is awarded for reducing waste and toxins generated by building occupants and building operations and taking that waste to landfills or for incineration.

Enhancing your program to include other recycled items — such as raw and mixed metals, plastics, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and plastics — can help with LEED credits as well.

And we can help you with the required documentation for the percentage of diverted/recycled total waste stream, which is 75%.

Interested in Improving Your Sustainability Practices?

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