With patient satisfaction and readmission rates vital to reimbursements, food programs have been pushed to the front burner.

We understand these challenges and respond with comprehensive food & nutrition services and our Meaningful Moments and Patient Experience Essentials.

You are being pressured to offer gourmet style food and meet higher nutritional standards — despite rising food costs and budget cuts.

Combat these pressures by ditching your traditional food service models and embracing innovative trends that offer exciting new hospital food menus and retail opportunities.

We have the experience and the expertise to take your food service program to the next level!

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Our experts have a wealth of knowledge to combat today’s issues like controlling sodium.
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A salty subject: where sodium is hiding in your diet. Watch this video!

We do this by designing custom menus, food & nutrition management, catering and consulting solutions that maximize performance outcomes, exceed expectations, and elevate your image.

Quality Control

Our experts use only high-quality ingredients and standardized recipes and train food production associates in proper food preparation, presentation, and sanitation.

Patient Services

We offer a portfolio of innovative patient meal delivery options to improve satisfaction and reduce costs:

Room Service

Spoken Menu

Nutrition Services

Retail Dining Services

Culinary Management

Our culinary team has deep experience in enhancing patient dining, designing popular and successful retail operations, and providing critical clinical nutrition support.

Our experts are on the forefront
of food service trends

Check out this article by ABM expert Michael Tolliver:

Becker’s Hospital Review

Ask Southwest General…

…How implementing a standardized web-based ordering system, establishing restaurant style room service, and offering healthier meal options, they were able to elevate employee and patient satisfaction scores, meet revenue goals, and improve the level of patient services and care.

We Serve 10+ Million Hospital Meals Annually.

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to be contacted by an Healthcare expert or for other inquiries, please click below: