There’s more to caring for patients then just treating illnesses. Providing an environment that is physically and emotionally comforting  for them – as well as for their families and visitors – is just as important.

A friendly valet to open the door and park the car. A warm greeting and someone to make sure they get where they need to go. A knowledgeable concierge to help the family make hotel reservations.

These go a long way to enhancing patient experience and elevating your image.

ABM offers customized concierge and valet programs that focus on the dynamics of compassionate service while adhering to the Joint Commission, HIPAA and other critical care issues.

Our superior services contribute to overall satisfaction by allowing your valuable and expensive medical staff more time to do what they do best – heal and take care of patients.

Professional Valets

Our courteous valets provide friendly, respectful, and professional service. They are extremely adept at recognizing the critical “moments of truth” that take place with your patients
and guests.

Personable Greeters

Our highly-trained and personable greeters warmly welcome every patient and visitor as they enter and leave your facility, verify appointments, and perform other time-consuming front desk duties.

Premier Concierges

A knowledgeable and professional concierge is always available to help with the personal requests of patients, guests, and staff, such as arranging transportation, making hotel reservations, ordering flowers or gifts, and more.

The simple measure of providing a professional greeter, concierge, and valet adds an essential layer of seamless hospitality services that is quickly becoming the gold standard in healthcare today.

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