A stack of dollars representing the savings generated by building automation systems.

Empowering facility management with building automation systems including HVAC controls helps you:

  • Achieve operational savings
  • Boost productivity
  • Control energy spending

How a Smart Building Solves Problems

A stack of dollars representing the savings generated by building automation systems.

Automated Savings

Operational savings and energy efficiency locked in with a system that optimizes the environment for your business needs.

An icon of HVAC controls

Real-Time Data

Benchmark performance and improve change control, increase margins, and meet compliance or sustainability goals.

A map pin on a globe icon indicating the mobility granted by smart buildings to facility managers.

Mobile Control and Alerts

Remote access and alerts empower your teams to meet changing needs immediately with minimal impact to operations.

Building Management Built for You

Our vendor-neutral approach builds solutions unique to your business. Open protocols protect your ability to integrate, maintain, and upgrade systems.

Turnkey solutions deliver from assessment to installation, with a holistic look at equipment, controls, and operations.

So Many Variables to Control…

  • Airflow and Outside Air Exchanges
  • CO2 Levels
  • Temperature and Humidification
  • Lighting
  • Schedules and Usage
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Maintenance and Alerts
  • Water Temperatures
… So Many Ways to Control Them

Building Automation Systems (BAS) go by many names (and acronyms).

We help you assess your unique facilities so that HVAC controls, lighting controls, and smart building systems support the best return for your business strategy.

Automation and Energy Efficiency Solutions as Unique as Your Business

Let’s Help Your Facility Help You

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Building Automation Systems Depend on What They Control

One of the key benefits of a BAS is the data you get on key assets like your HVAC system. That’s data you can use to protect your ROI and inform proactive maintenance. See examples of successful energy efficiency solutions using HVAC controls and more in our Case Studies.