An hvac chiller repair is underway, with rotary in hand.

Capital invested in chiller equipment needs to secure a return — and that’s efficient critical cooling that never leaves you in the hot seat.

ABM’s Chiller Services

Icon of industrial and commercial buildings in a large gear, denoting custom installations and chiller system design.


Icon of a facility inside a circle with a plug, for technical solutions and integrated operational savings.


Icon of a building showing a healthy “heartbeat” after a chiller retrofit.


Icon of gears inside an arrow’s cycle, for proactive maintenance performed to maximize productivity.


Icon of a checklist for managing spend and reducing operational costs for critical cooling equipment.


Efficient high-volume cooling and minimal downtime are achieved with expert proactive maintenance, committed account management, and 24/7/365 emergency chiller services.

Challenges Met

From single units to high-volume utility plants, our Chiller Services teams have the experience to engineer solutions to your building and your business.

Watch the heavy lifting this team did to meet our client’s critical cooling needs on a tight timetable.


We Know This Stuff Cold

  • Air & Water Cooled Rotary Screw Chillers
  • Air & Water Cooled Scroll Chillers
  • Hermetic & Open-Drive Centrifugal Chillers
  • Low-Temperature Chillers to -30°F
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
  • Solid State Starters
  • Purge Equipment
  • Hanbell & Turbocor Compressors
  • Control Panels
  • Drivelines
Our HVAC chiller team assesses a critical cooling system.

Risk Management

Knowledge of operational tolerances and designated differentials paired with extensive field experience predicts and resolves issues that impact efficiency.

An ABM van arrives for emergency chiller repairs.

Chiller Services

ABM’s “Always On” communication system protects your uptime, your equipment, and your reputation.

Chillers are carefully maintained and controls implemented for maximum ROI.

Critical Expertise

Account management practiced in optimizing the lifetime of your high-performance equipment while promoting productivity and safety in work environments.

Experience Providing Customized Solutions Nationwide

ABM services mission critical cooling for multiple installations including large campuses, data centers, medical facilities, and industrial applications.

We are brand agnostic experts in repairs and solutions for chillers produced by all major manufacturers, like Carrier, McQuay, Trane, Turbocor, and York.

Comprehensive Chiller Capabilities

Inspection begun by an ABM chiller technician.

Chiller System Analysis

Vibration analysis, oil analysis, and refrigerant analysis protect peak performance.

Chiller in a utility plant awaits preventative testing.

Preventative Testing

Eddy current inspections prevent tube failure and repair costs.

Piping for a chiller unit responsible for critical cooling.

Chiller System Plumbing

Modeling, fabrication, and installation projects for your chiller system’s plumbing.

Measurements are taken during energy analysis of a chiller system.

Energy Analysis

Meet business priorities while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Effective, Efficient, Expert: ABM

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