As you know, people won’t come back to your district if they don’t feel a sense of security and goodwill.

Our ambassadors provide a uniformed presence — friendly faces who understand your history and culture and direct visitors to attractions and amenities.

A Watchful Reassurance


Patrolling your streets on bicycles, Segways, or on foot, our ambassadors are on alert for unwanted behaviors such as loitering, panhandling, and public intoxication.

Trained in Safety


Our ambassadors are highly trained in first aid, safety/police procedures, and conflict management, and will work closely with police, fire, and EMS to alleviate issues that arise.

We also partner with homeless outreach organizations to train our staff to deal with this growing issue.

We Are Your Eyes & Ears

  • We act as key public relations & customer service advocates
  • We are professionally trained to deal with conflict
  • We offer a sense of security to businesses, residents, workers & visitors
  • We have an understanding of the history & culture of the district

Feel Better Knowing Your Visitors Are Under Our Care

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