To keep up with the demands of today’s auto manufacturing landscape, you need to spend less time managing your facility, and more time creating the vehicles of the future.

ABM’s integrated facility services allow you to streamline your vendor relationships and improve operational efficiency, all while keeping costs under control.

Take Your Facility to the Next Level

We strategically direct all your facility operations. By eliminating subcontractors, efficiency and consistency go up and your job gets a whole lot easier. You’re in the driver’s seat, setting standards and knowing who’s working in your facilities.

Integrated facility services allow you to take a holistic approach to managing your facilities. Read this article, Integrated Facility Services, a Holistic Approach, to learn about the benefits of bundling services with one vendor.

One Point of Contact, One Process, and One System

Reduces Operational Cost

Consolidates Invoices & Contracts

Lowers Administrative Overhead

Decreases Liability & Safety Risk

Delivers Consistent, Reliable Service

Provides Unified Technology Platform

Produces Cost Savings of 10-20% for First-time Outsourcers

Adapts Staffing to Business Needs & Cycles

Why Integrate with ABM?

For starters, we don’t just use subcontractors to offer you multiple services. We self-perform 90% of our services, and we hire and train experts who understand the demands of automotive manufacturing.

Safety is usually first among those demands, and we take it seriously. Through our ThinkSafe program, we provide consistent, regular training that promotes a culture of safety in everything we do.

Integrated Facility Services Enable You to Adapt

With technological shifts and regulations driving change in the automotive market, it’s important to adapt without letting costs get out of control. With a seamless approach to facility management, you can focus on staying on the cutting edge.

Ready to Ease the Burden of Managing Multiple Vendors?