A clean gym floor and a healthy classroom ready for a K-12 school schedule.

We believe your district’s resources should benefit education first. ABM provides multiple services that keep non-instructional costs down.

  • Control spending and protect priorities
  • Ensure a healthy learning environment
  • Improve facilities that support achievement
Need More Cost Control?

What We Can Do for K-12 Schools

Explore our services listed below to see how ABM helps schools control costs, protect learning environments, and put money back to needed improvements and educational priorities.

To Make A Difference, Every Person, Every Day

We believe in giving back and we believe in our employees. Supporting their commitment to their communities and charitable activities is important to our company culture. You can read more about our matching donations and paid time off for volunteer efforts on our ABMCares page.

The number 41.

The amount of Empire State Buildings it would take to contain the square footage we clean in K-12 schools every day.

(That’s 110,000,000 sq ft)

The year 1909.

The year the first junior high school in America was created, and the year ABM was founded.

(The school was in Columbus, we started in San Francisco)

The number 840.

The pounds of red delicious apples that could be bought per student by the funds produced by our guaranteed energy contracts.

(That’s $1,100 per student, on average*)

Energy Performance Contracting

Schools shouldn’t have to choose between facility needs and educational priorities. Guaranteed energy savings can make sure they don’t have to.

  • Improve schools without new taxes or bonds
  • Enable critical upgrades
  • Avoid capital risk and utility costs
Custodial Services

Cost savings is one thing, but committed, highly trained staff are what really make a difference.

  • Boost faculty and student engagement
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Ensure a healthy, productive learning environment

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Light blue speech bubbles.

“The Board of Education is pleased. The schools are cleaner, and staffing levels and employee productivity are higher…”

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Orange speech bubbles.

“Without ABM’s products and services as well as financial solutions, it would have been impossible for us to accomplish all that we have.”

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“ABM's expertise with budget neutral solutions for other schools was a big factor in our decision-making process.“

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Protect the Resources that Support Learning

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*These figures are illustrative and based on several factors, including individual state law requirements, availability of materials, and other regulatory and maintenance features, which may vary by location and/or jurisdiction. Please contact your individual ABM representative to discuss potential energy savings for your location.