Cost savings are a real need, but they’re just lines in a spreadsheet without custodians committed to responsible service. Our teams can help schools:

  • Boost faculty and student engagement
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Ensure a healthy, productive learning environment

Click to read how schools can reduce the cost of cleanliness in our white paper on custodial services.

Districts facing budget pressures can get help:

  • Keeping employees full-time
  • Reducing staff and student absenteeism
  • Regaining time and budget lost to operations

Read how schools can address the cost of cleanliness in our white paper.


Cut Costs, Not Quality

ABM Custodial Services for Schools Include:

A professional with the tools, ID badge, and unique training to provide custodial services to K-12.
A backpack vacuum with a special filter creates both efficiency and promotes healthy particle control.
A custodial services provider ensures bathroom cleaning is done safely, with the proper tools.

Daily, routine cleaning
Carpet and floor care
Disinfection protocols
Quality assurance and reporting
Kitchen and cafeteria cleaning
Summer deep cleans
Restroom and locker room sanitation
Window cleaning
Green cleaning and recycling
Special events

Custodians Trained for Schools’ Needs

High overhead, turnover issues, liability and other operational issues shouldn’t tie up school resources or pit the health of the learning environment against other needs. We deliver cost savings from efficiency, not service cuts. ABM custodians are highly trained, including supervisors recruited from within, to build a team that delivers measurable results for schools.

A School Is So Much More than Square Footage

Icon of a teacher erasing a math problem from a chalkboard.

We wipe down 91,667 blackboards every day.

(unless it says “do not erase!”)

Iconic schoolhouse with bell tower, clock, and waving pennant, kept in model condition by custodial services.

We look after 252 acres of gym floor.

(so its ready for whatever’s on the schedule)

This green cleaning icon shows leaves sprouting from a spray bottle.

We sanitize 3,438 bathrooms every day.

(and change 15,875 rolls of toilet paper, but who’s counting)

Custodians Committed to Communities

Quality service for schools doesn’t begin and end with a training manual. We commit to helping school districts retain loyal staff and keep custodians in full-time positions. We also support our full-time custodians’ connections to their communities with the ABMCares program. Read more about our donation matching and paid time off for volunteering at the link, or ask an ABM employee how our company culture contributes to their commitment to make a difference.

Read more on our K-12 Custodial Case Studies page.

Light blue speech bubbles.

“I have seen a true commitment to customer service throughout the organization, from the local custodian all the way to ABM’s top management…”

Orange speech bubbles.

“They assumed all of the risk, lowered our costs and increased the cleanliness of our buildings.”

Dark blue speech bubbles.

“ABM has been very responsive during our transition to outsourcing and have not only helped us to improve the level of service but reduce our costs.”

A teacher leads a grade school class out of a healthy K-12 school past a well-kept playground.

Studies show green cleaning contributes to healthier environments, which can:

  • Improve student attendance
  • Improve math and reading scores
  • Improve teacher retention

So we work hard to make green cleaning programs affordable for schools.


ABM specializes in smooth transitions, with dedicated transition teams and service programs that fit your district’s priorities:

  • Turnkey: Complete customized custodial
  • Pilot: We prove our plans work for one or more schools
  • Managed: Custodians remain district employees, ABM trains and manages.
An ABM training expert guides a team through our custodial services coursework in school cleaning, safety, and responsibility.

Expertise in Efficiency, Not Cuts

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