Coming Together to Give Back and Transform Lives

Chicago, IL

Watch the Video

Watch the Video

It’s just a wonderful thing…transforming lives and motivating people…

Mary Pat Bitner

Coming Together to Give Back and Transform Lives

We bring fresh ideas and data-driven insights to solve business challenges. We ask: What if? Why not? What’s next?

In 2003, an ABM employee approached our team with a brilliant idea to collaborate with Cara Chicago, a workforce development and job placement enterprise helping those affected by poverty get and keep quality jobs. After learning more, ABM was eager to get involved and a beautiful new partnership was born.

ABM and Cara Chicago have worked together for over fifteen years to help people get back on their feet and find new purpose in work. The result? More than 240 hired employees and over 1,500 graduates of the ABM Commercial Cleaning Certification class. Not only has this helped alleviate an industry-wide labor shortage, but it’s also allowed graduates to enter the job market with great odds behind them, including an 88% one-year retention rate. We’ve watched program participants advance their careers at ABM and beyond.

The ABM team joined forces to bring this workforce initiative to life. From sales and operations to HR, our team members have volunteered as janitorial trainers for Cara Chicago since 2006. Our Vice President of Sales, Adam Klotch, now serves on the executive council of Cara Chicago and is committed to the continued success of the program.

Rather than asking “why?” do you have the courage to ask “why not?” How are you bringing fresh ideas and insights to solve challenges?

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Coming Together to Give Back and Transform Lives

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