Operation Giving Back: Noticing a Need and Taking Action

Los Angeles, CA

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Watch the Video

When you see rows of tents down the street from a job site…you can’t help but feel that you need to make an impact…

Eric Flett, Operations, Business & Industry

Operation Giving Back: Noticing Need and Taking Action

We believe that we can do better and achieve more when we work together and learn from our collective experiences.

Will Webster is an ABM Operations employee in Los Angeles, California. He and his son were volunteering at the Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission, a temporary homeless shelter that offers overnight accommodations, hot meals, clothing exchange, and ministry. They noticed that the property was run down and in desparate need of of maintenance. In the midst of this need, Will saw the opportunity to make a real difference. He approached the ABM management team to discuss his passion for the program and explore ways to help The Mission. Without hesitation, nine leaders from B&I and Technical Solutions went to tour the site and formed “Project Giving Back.” Together with other ABM employees and vendors, the initiative improved the safety, aesthetics, and efficiency the building. Donating time and supplies, the LA team installed new signage, lighting, and smoke alarms. They gave the common areas a fresh coat of paint, upgraded the flooring, added ceiling fans, and repaired the fire life safety system. The generous team keeps The Mission close at heart. They regularly donate food left over from catered meetings and maintain a list of future projects. And inspired by the chance to work together to help in meaninful ways, the LA office has introduced a mentoring program for the homeless, providing vocational education and career planning to able and willing participants. We’re grateful to have an army of talented people who care about making a difference in their communities by generously donating their time to help others. “If didn’t do that...if he hadn’t shared his passion, we never would have been helped. That’s so meaningful to me.” - Nick Ramirez, Program Director, Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission Faced with an enormous need, Will saw an opportunity to help. He spoke up and inspired the ABM team to work together to make a truly significant impact for the community. We can achieve more when we come together. How are you collaborating with your team to change lives?
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Operation Giving Back: Noticing a Need and Taking Action

Los Angeles, CA

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