ABM to the Rescue! Digging Up Vital Documents

Houston, TX

Watch the Video

Watch the Video

You all showed me you felt the impact…I am so grateful that the right people were in the right place.

ABM client

ABM to the Rescue! Digging Up Vital Documents

We deliver consistent, reliable service, but we don’t stop there. We are committed to exceeding expectations.

After leaving class at our client’s Houston training center, one trainee realized that he’d left his wife’s tax documents and son’s birth certificate behind. He feared they may have been thrown out with the trash of over 9,000 other building residents!

Word got through to Energy Quad Manager, Diana Nieto who oversees janitorial services at the Houston Campus. Nieto’s team members Ruben Valencia and Janette Martinez tracked the recycling bags through the campus tunnel system in what seemed to be a “needle-in-a-haystack” search.

ABM team members persisted – going so far as to dive into the trash – to locate and return the envelope to the trainee.

“They didn’t have to, but these folks really went out of their way to make a big difference,” our client said. “Replacing that birth certificate would have required a significant effort – possibly even a flight to Thailand. I’m really, really appreciative of everyone’s participation here.”

When a team member, client, or member of the community is in need, ABM comes to the rescue. How do you exemplify this commitment to always exceeding customer expectations?

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ABM to the Rescue! Digging Up Vital Documents

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