How one ABM team got creative and made a difference.

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That’s something we never did before. And now I’m able to say yes, we can do that. Absolutely.

Cecelia Cordero

How one ABM team got creative and made a difference.

A client in Atlanta, Georgia, needed a mural in time for a local parade, so they turned to their in-house ABM crew to help. The client and team already had a great relationship and a high level of trust in ABM’s crew, such including us on weekly meetings and allowing us to function as an extension of their team. As a historic property with restrictions on informative signage, this client needs every person on the property to be knowledgeable, outgoing, and willing to help guests, which our ABM team members happily do.

The ABM team members went out of their normal duties and booked a sketch artist, put their painters to work, and delivered a beautiful mural to the client in time for the event. Our team members’ problem-solving abilities and the client’s trust in the team let creativity and innovation flourish.

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