Energy consumption is one of the largest costs of mission critical facility operations.

For most of you, the priority is to find energy efficient and sustainable cooling solutions that address rising energy costs and heat load densities.

According to the Department of Energy, facility energy consumption can be reduced by 20% – 40% by applying some best practice energy efficiency measures and strategies.

We understand your priority is the knowledge of the capacity to support mission critical loads, the “uptime” potential, and the condition of all the key facility equipment and systems.

Facility Assessments & Optimization

To improve asset lifecycles & recommend energy efficiencies for your facility

CFD Modeling

Analysis & inspection of your current infrastructure equipment

Energy Audits

To understand the energy efficiency of your mission critical facility

Facility Assessments

We perform an assessment of your facility to identify any problem areas.

An energy audit allows you to understand your energy use and efficiency.

Energy Audits

We use state-of-the-art metrics approved by the DOE and Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory to measure a facilities' energy use such as PUE (Power Utilization Efficiency), RTI (Return Temperature Index), and RCI (Rack Cooling Index).

CFD Modeling Includes:

Inspection and analysis of the current infrastructure systems including unit operation, equipment conditions, and energy consumption

Airflow analysis to measure under-floor static pressure, the volume of air delivered into the space, as well as the temperature difference of the supply and return air. We can create a CFD simulation for your facilities

Infrared scanning of the facility performed by a certified thermographer

Recording of current facility configuration and rack architecture

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