ABM Employee’s Story Guaranteed to Warm Your Heart

Maryville, TN

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Watch the Video

I can’t say I could that I could ever give this up…Here I am, and here I think I will stay.

Maury Forrester

Former NASA Employee Rediscovers His Place and Purpose With ABM

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Meet Maury, the beloved custodian of Coulter Grove Intermediate Maury Forrester School in Maryville, Tennessee. He spent his early career as an award-winning electromechanical designer, working with the team that put a man on the moon. During the Saturn and Apollo programs, Maury worked for a subcontractor that designed crucial launch components. Sadly, a massive layoff left Maury and other masters-educated engineers jobless. After suffering from a stroke in 2014, Maury was feeling lethargic and decided it was time to exercise his mind and body. He started looking for a new job and found an opportunity with ABM, referring to his position as a “God-sent thing.” He loves having the opportunity to form connections with the school kids. Maury smiles and tears up with happiness as he reflects on his first day on the job. He was taken to the handicapped room of the school, filled with pictures of the smiling faces of the handicapped children. Maury recalls the realization that he was feeling sorry for himself, but unlike these kids, he had the opportunity to get better. From that day forward, Maury poured himself into his work. At ABM, every single person has an opportunity to contribute and make a difference. Maury is such an asset to our team and we appreciate his hard work, dedication, and passion. How are you showing up for your customers, your team, and yourself?
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ABM Employee’s Story Guaranteed to Warm Your Heart

Maryville, TN

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