ABM Accountable: Returning Valuable Items to Grateful Owner

New York, NY

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Watch the Video

It wasn’t about the value of the ring, it was more sentimental, more about meaning.”

John Espinosa, Operations, Business & Industry

ABM Employee Returns Valuable Items to Grateful Owner

We are sincere, trustworthy, and accountable. We tell the truth and do not tolerate behavior that breaches our values.

While putting the finishing touches on her work for the day, ABM employee Leyla Tabora was informed that two rings had been left on the sink in the bathroom of her building. Rather than leaving the problem to the person on the next shift, Leyla took ownership and placed the rings in a safe space. She held out hope that the owner would come back to reclaim them. The next day, a woman approached Leyla and told her that she had lost two Tiffany rings that were gifts from her boyfriend and grandmother and held great sentimental value. She looked for them everywhere – at home, at the gym, the building’s restrooms, the reception desk – to no avail. Remembering that she had used a downstairs restroom at lunch the day before, she asked Leyla if she happened to find two rings that day. “She wrote this amazing email to Brookfield which made us feel good. For us, it’s normal because that’s what we do on a regular routine when we find something.” - John Espinosa, Operations The customer was overwhelmed and incredibly grateful. She thanked Leyla and wrote a note to ABM to spotlight this act of kindness and diligence. Leyla humbly declined a reward. In her opinion, a gesture of gratitude and affection was enough. Integrity is everything. How are you upholding this important principle in your day-to-day with ABM?
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ABM Accountable: Returning Valuable Items to Grateful Owner

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