ABM Team Member Goes Above and Beyond to Save a Life

Atlanta, GA

Watch the Video

Watch the Video

Without doing all this, the passenger would not be alive today. Jaremy is one of ABM’s heroes.

Rodney Jeter, Operations, Aviation

ABM Team Member Goes Above and Beyond to Save a Life

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While “saving lives” isn’t in ABM employee Jaremy Hereford’s job description as Baggage Loader at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, that’s exactly what he did on September 7, 2017. That morning, he noticed a passenger staggering through the terminal who didn’t look well. Jaremy immediately sought the assistance of former team member Steven Ware, instructing him to grab a wheelchair. The passenger flatlined soon after, but was revived after receiving CPR by a nearby officer. In his first few days on the job with ABM, Jaremy was told, “if you see something, say something.” He took this tenet to heart. Every day, he lives out the commitment to staying vigilant and attentive on the job. We are so grateful that he had the courage to speak up, act quickly, and save a life. The ABM team goes above and beyond to maintain trust with our clients and the people they serve. Jaremy and Steven certainly earned trust that day. They were attentive to the needs of the people around them, they worked together, and in doing so, they helped to save a life. We are incredibly proud of their commitment to serving others and putting ABM’s core value of trust into action. How are you making a difference and earning trust in your work at ABM?
ABM Team Member Goes Above and Beyond to Save a Life

Atlanta, GA

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