What patients experience when visiting the hospital directly affects your reputation, survey scores,
and revenue.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what Southwest General Health Center has to say about the patient experience.

When inefficient management threatened quality and patient satisfaction at this award-winning health center, they turned to ABM Healthcare.

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Right from the parking lot, a courteous valet, prompt shuttle, and convenient parking management can help reduce stress and establish
a positive first impression.

Learn how we can help enhance the patient experience at your healthcare facility.

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Fresh-smelling and immaculate hallways mean environmental services experts are always working to ensure patient areas remain sterile and safe.

Patented infection prevention processes and technology dramatically diminish disease-causing germs and HAIs.

Compassionate and warm professional personnel are always on-hand to ease nerves and lift spirits during quick and efficient transports.

At their most vulnerable, patients are attentively monitored by caring and trained sitters and promptly transported to their next destination by assistants.

Banish bland hospital food and increase retail opportunities with innovative and affordable food programs, gourmet menus, and healthier alternatives.

Clinical engineers expertly manage medical equipment maintenance to adhere to compliance and improve care and save lives.

A comfortable, safe, and healthy physical environment promotes faster healing and optimal outcomes.

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We believe in our Mission and are passionate about patient experience, which is why we’ve been named a Great Places to Work by Becker’s Hospital Review and Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare.

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Wyoming Medical Center

Seeking to enhance services for its patients, Wyoming Medical Center turned to ABM to help increase the efficiency of its environmental and laundry, valet, and patient sitter/companion services staff and processes. Find out how ABM was able to improve cleanliness survey scores, reduce FTEs, and increase response times.

North Florida Regional Medical Center

From the soaring costs of healthcare delivery to shrinking budgets, this large medical center turned to ABM to overcome these challenges with integrated, end-to-end services. Find out how ABM was able to help them more efficiently and cost-effectively handle guest services, reduce FTE expenses, and enhance patient care.

Southwest General Health Center

When inefficient management threatened quality and patient satisfaction at this award-winning health center, they turned to ABM to replace their management provider. By establishing best practice processes and implementing leading-edge technology, ABM was able to streamline operations and elevate the level of patient services and care.

Client Feedback

“ABM’s team has helped provide an environment of which our hospital staff can be proud, and one that is providing world-class services for each of our patients.”

Julie Cann-Taylor
Former COO & SVP of Patient Care Services
Wyoming Medical Center

“So far the experience with ABM has been excellent. I’m confident we are proactively addressing all the needs of our facilities, and I like knowing that we have additional resources and experts available as needed through ABM.”

Jeremy S. Roberge
Sr. VP and CFO
Huggins Hospital

“ABM Healthcare Support Services has beat budget, reduced waste, and exceeded some very ambitious benchmarks. They have increased revenues and improved quality while reducing expenses.“

Ron Muecke
VP of Facilities & Support Services
Mercy Medical Center

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