Facility Services for K-12 Schools

Lower your facility maintenance costs without sacrificing quality.

As costs for K-12 schools continue to grow and education funding continues to shrink, schools need ways to stretch their budget further. For almost a century, ABM has helped K-12 schools control costs, protect learning environments, and put money back into needed improvements and educational priorities. Your students and teachers deserve a learning environment that supports their safety and success, and ABM helps you deliver exceptional quality without going over budget.

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Case Study
Outbreak Response Plan Reduces Absences for Hamilton County Educators

After a norovirus outbreak drove student absentee rates to more than triple, ABM launched a campaign to disinfect every surface of every school, returning the...

Case Study

Defending Students Against Disease

The average school kid catches 8 to 12 colds or cases of the flu each year. Here are safe, proven, effective custodial approaches ABM uses...


White Paper
Solutions for the Funding Issues That Impact Equity in Education

Educational leaders facing restricted funding to strive to do more with limited resources and quicken the pace of positive change. We offer facilities management solutions...

White Paper


Cost Control

Every dollar of your budget counts and ABM is committed to taking care of the resources that support learning. We help you reduce operating expenses without sacrificing quality by providing cost-effective solutions specific to your school or district’s needs.

Customized Programs

One size does not fit all. Whether you’re looking for standalone or integrated facility services, we work hard to design and deliver services that satisfy your K-12 district’s needs.

Highly Trained Local Staff

There’s power in consistently high-quality service that won’t go over budget. We self-perform most of our services with highly trained personnel to provide an engaged workforce that will save your school’s resources. We work with districts to keep and train their key staff and hire local talent from the community.

Increased Engagement

ABM keeps your buildings clean, healthy, and efficient, so you can provide the best possible learning environment for students while protecting the resources you need.

Industry Expertise

ABM has more than ten decades of experience providing maintenance services to educational facilities like yours. We service more than 500 million square feet of K-12 schools every day.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Saving on energy costs can also fund needed improvements to your schools. We’re committed to helping you find ways to reduce the impact on the environment and achieve more sustainability for your community. Ask ABM about energy projects, green cleaning, lighting upgrades, recycling and more. If there’s a way to help schools fund upgrades and choose sustainability, we’ll find it.