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Creating a strategic plan to achieve your facility and sustainability goals

ABM empowers you to address operational inefficiencies, even with a lack of capital funds. Our engineering and facility operations team can analyze your facility’s infrastructure, energy usage, operating costs, and sustainability metrics. Then, utilizing our proven expertise, we develop a set of solutions that creates the funding needed to allow for implementation of the improvements. Our scale and experience allow us to assist government and education clients without impacting budgets, as well as the potential for off-balance sheet or off-credit financial solutions for commercial industries.

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Solutions to Improve Your Infrastructure

Achieve your sustainability goals, foster resiliency, and improve occupant health

Expert Infrastructure Consulting

Through commissioning, retro-commissioning, and on-site engineering and operations, ABM delivers expert assessments, maintenance procedural improvements, and upgrades to integrate building systems.

HVAC and Building Systems

As building infrastructures age, new costs and complexities arise. Whether that’s a result of costly deferred maintenance issues or the increased complexity of new systems, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and piping constitute a significant source of expenditure. ABM has the expertise and capacity to protect your assets, reduce capital expenditures, and realize energy savings. In addition, we provide commercial heating and cooling solutions to keep your systems running efficiently, effectively, safely, and sustainably, so you can boost the performance of your facility and everyone who works inside.

Indoor Air Quality

ABM provides facility services and solutions focused on improving indoor air quality (IAQ) to foster better occupant well-being through improved building health, safety, and efficiency. In addition, we can help you implement effective strategies to improve IAQ to help reduce viral transmission. With ABM’s IAQ solutions, a combination of ventilation, filtration, and disinfection can make your facility safer and healthier today and in the long term.

EV Charging & Electrification Programs

ABM’s extensive network of professionals is uniquely positioned to implement custom EV charging projects, providing multiple services from one trusted source. Whether you are looking to start your first EV charging project or enhance your current EV charging offerings, ABM’s turnkey solutions can be tailored to your needs. By using EV charging and power management systems, you can increase your energy independence and operational resilience, supplement your revenue through premium EV parking options, and free your operations from the volatility of fuel prices to streamline your energy sourcing while creating choices. In addition, ABM’s extensive experience in parking management and energy-saving solutions offers parking operators a knowledgeable partner across several evolving industries.

Power Resiliency

Increase energy efficiency and unlock the financial potential of a renewable power program at your facility. As more businesses critically rely on dependable systems, ABM helps reduce the environmental impact and operating costs of your electrical power system. By managing your energy distribution system, implementing a proactive maintenance plan our power resiliency solutions drive uptime, safety, and prevent unexpected failures. RavenVolt, Inc., an ABM company, further strengthens ABM’s ability to meet clients’ power resiliency needs with turnkey microgrid solutions.

Flexible Funding Options

Achieve energy savings by funding infrastructure upgrades within your current operational budget or via off-balance sheet financing. Our guaranteed energy savings programs help you drive profitability and meet sustainability goals with a holistic approach to energy performance. ABM technical experts can assess your savings possibilities. In addition, our experienced infrastructure solutions project leaders will assist in bringing funding for the project, including PACE, capital lease financing, energy-as-a-service, and other financing structures as part of our infrastructure solutions.

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