Facility Services for Oil, Gas, & Nuclear Power

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Increase efficiency while meeting stringent safety and environmental regulations.  ABM provides reliable facility maintenance services that keep your nuclear power facility running smoothly and ahead of the curve. Meet tight energy production expectations, handle fluctuations in workforce demand with ease, protect your assets, and streamline vendor relationships with a team dedicated to the quality, consistency, and cost efficiency of your facility maintenance.


Committed to Compliance

In a highly regulated environment, compliance comes first. ABM reduces your liability and always keeps you ahead of safety and environmental regulations. We meticulously service every square foot of your space to keep you compliant and moving forward. Our sustainability programs and stringent safety protocols are designed to keep you operating at peak performance.

Flexible Programs

Maintain your facility with programs designed to meet your unique needs. Choose from our menu of stand-alone services, or opt to streamline your vendor relationships and improve operational efficiency with integrated facility services.

Improved Efficiency

Seasonal fluctuations in demand or other production peaks can destroy your nuclear power facility’s efficiency. ABM helps you achieve an agile facility by addressing any staffing challenges, seamlessly scaling up or down without sacrificing safety and quality.

Industry Expertise

We’ve helped innovate facility services for more than a century. So whether you need us to service your critical equipment, add staff to support your production peaks, or keep you compliant, we’re ready to get to work.

Quality Results

Quality plays a critical role in your nuclear power facility, and we take that seriously. Our professional workforce is equipped with the tools and technology they need to consistently deliver the best results. With ABM, you can rest knowing that every square foot of your space will be serviced meticulously.


At ABM, quality comes first. That’s why we minimize our use of subcontractors and rely on our highly-trained, professional workforce to service your facility inside and out, keeping you in control of consistency, cost, and quality.

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