We maintain government facilities in 30 countries…

We help keep Lower Manhattan graffiti free…

After a hurricane in Atlanta, ABM quickly responded by removing 48,000 pounds of debris…

We’ve reduced our energy clients energy use 21%, saving them $30+M…

We deliver customized solutions that:

  • Guarantee Cost Savings
  • Guarantee Quality of Service
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Preserve & Maintain Assets

  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Eliminate Continued Pension Obligation
  • Mitigate Risk Associated with Worker’s Comp Claims
  • Deliver Strategies for Regulatory Compliance

Improvement Districts

In addition to the work we do inside buildings to keep them clean and running efficiently, we offer other services that help make the outside of your local government buildings just as proficient and beautiful!

Here Is What Our Clients Are Saying

“Temple Terrace has always prided itself on being a green city, looking for ways to protect the environment and promote energy efficiency. This project [with ABM] will go a long way toward making our facilities sound and sustainable.”

Charles W. Stephenson
City Manager
City of Temple Terrace, Florida.

“When we first met with ABM, our initial reaction was this is too good to be true. After conducting our due diligence and implementing the solution recommended, our response now is everyone should talk with ABM. ABM helped Mt. Lebanon address our infrastructural needs as promised.”

Tom Kelley
Public Work Director
Municipality of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

“[ABM]’s assistance in restoring parking and implementing this state-of-the art, customer-focused program – as well as delivering public Internet access downtown – is an important part of the rebuilding of our historic downtown area.”

Alicia Cahill
City of Galveston, Texas

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