5 Convention Center Trends to Watch

5 convention center trends

Times are changing for convention centers. As you take on new events, technologies, and amenities, you need to distinguish between passing fads and worthy investments. Take a look at these trends to see what’s on the horizon and how an integrated facility management company can help you stay ahead.

Eight Essentials to Help You Select a “Green” Facility Maintenance Provider

A green cleaning program has many benefits, including healthier occupants and visitors, increased employee productivity, and lower facility maintenance costs. By working with a maintenance company that understands the proper use of non-toxic cleaning products and equipment, as well as the correct janitorial procedures to implement, you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier facility every day.

Power Connection Stations for a Large Dry Dock

This dry dock supports critical maintenance, refits and recommissioning of large seagoing vessels. During preliminary evaluation of the upgraded power distribution equipment, the ABM acceptance testing team uncovered relays for medium voltage gear that had not been programmed.
The relays would not perform as intended without the programmed logic. Breakers would not trip when required, and the system would not safely and properly respond as designed.
With the gear manufacturer and the relay vendor responsible for limited deliverables, the electrical contractor faced an energization deadline without the relay logic needed to complete the necessary acceptance testing.