Last updated on January  15, 2021.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives our California parking customers specific rights to the personal data that ABM and our companies collect, process, and hold. ABM Industries does not sell personal data.


You can make a request about the personal data that ABM and our companies may hold about you with this website. Please note, we can only provide data from the previous 12 months. For example, if you would like a copy of your parking records, we can only provide the past 12 months of activity. The 12-month period begins when you make your request.


You may request the following:


1) You may request that ABM disclose to you:


  • The categories of personal data that have been collected about you. For example, basic personal details like your name, email address, and license plate number. And financial details like payment information if you created a parking account with us.
  • The categories of the sources from which ABM collected the personal data. For example, if you are one of our monthly parkers we would have likely collected the information directly from you, making “ABM Parking Customer” a source category;
  • The business purpose for the collection of your personal data. For example, to send you invoices for monthly parking fees;
  • The categories of any third parties who receive your personal data from ABM. For example, your personal data may be transferred to service providers like website hosts;
  • The specific pieces of personal data that have been collected about you.


2) You may request that ABM delete your personal data. This request is not limited to the 12-month restrictions as noted above. In some cases, Federal and state law require ABM to keep certain records for many years. In these instances, we are not able to delete your information as we have a legal obligation to maintain it. However, we will delete your information when we are legally able to if you request us to do so. We will also direct service providers who may have received your personal data to delete your information. The law requires a dual confirmation process for deletion requests, so if you request us to delete your personal data we will send you additional information to complete the required process.


3) You may request we provide your personal data to you in a manner consistent with portability. (That means we may be able to deliver your personal data in a machine-readable format so it can be easily transferred into another system, and in some cases, we can transmit your personal data directly to another company, entity, etc. However, this will depend on the types of data.)


To make a request, please use the check boxes below on the request form to let us know what you would like us to do.


Prior to processing your request, we must first confirm your identity. Please be sure to input your phone number below and we will arrange for a time to speak with you in order to confirm your identity.


THIS FORM IS SECURE AND USES ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY, we take the security of your personal data seriously! We will only communicate with you by phone and encrypted email.

  • If you require multiple copies or multiple items above, we may have to charge a fee. If the request is overly burdensome to our staff and capabilities we may have to assess a small fee or possibly reject the request if we are unable to fulfill it. We will inform you if any charges apply.

    Please note, if you forget to select an area above or select the wrong items(s) you will need to resubmit your request. We cannot alter the request when we speak with you on the phone to confirm your identity, so please be sure you have made the right selections.

When we receive your request, we will contact you to acknowledge your request and confirm your identity within 10 days. You should expect to receive your data request or disposition within 45 days of making your request. If ABM requires more time to process your request, we will alert you.


If you do not hear back from us within ten days please email us at You may also make your request by calling our privacy line. If you would like to designate an authorized agent to make a request on your behalf, please call our privacy line 1-877-576-6676.