Did You Know?

  • $504,000 is the approximate cost of an average 90 minute downtime incident.
  • 73% of downtime is the result of human error, which includes poor training and maintenance.
  • Preventive maintenance can reduce breakdowns by up to 75%.

A recent study revealed the average cost of an unplanned data outage is almost $9,000 per minute!

This makes maintaining 24/7/365 uptime on data center systems critical to today’s businesses.

Downtime in a data center is not only expensive, it can also destroy a business, compromise security, or even result in death or injury.

Uptime is the most important factor in a data center.

At ABM, we understand data center managers face many other challenges, include improving energy utilization and efficiency and managing operating costs. There is also an increased need for safety and factory certifications.

We’re Here to Help!

As an industry leader, we manage nearly 17 million square feet of data center facilities for hundreds of clients across North America. We provide solutions to all your data center management needs.

Our data center professionals have over 35 years of experience in data center facility operations, maintenance & management.

Our technicians have various levels of government clearances and certifications including Liebert/Emerson, Data Aire, Stulz & NETA.

We support all types of data centers — from non-critical to rated-4 data centers with better than 99.99% uptime (less than 30 minutes of down time a year).

Data Center Solutions

24/7/365 Data Center Operation, Maintenance & Management

Prevent unexpected failure and ensure uptime in your data center.

Project Management for Data Center Upgrades

Minimize disruptions to your facility with cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Data Center Assessments & Optimization, Energy Audits & CFD Modeling

Increase the power usage efficiency of your data center.

Data Center Staffing

Get only top-quality factory-trained and certified technicians to manage, operate, and maintain your quality equipment.

Quality Control in Your Data Center

Helping ensure your equipment is being operated at highest industry standards.

Data Center Electrical Testing, Arc Flash Prevention & Mitigation

Help mitigate risk with NETA accreditation and compliance with NFPA 70E and OSHA.

Global Data Center REIT Case Study

Read more about our data centers solutions and how we are helping this large, global data center.

Find Out Why We Maintain 17M Square Feet of Data Center Space.

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