With the challenges of today’s marketplace and high constraints to your budgets, companies are looking for cost-effective solutions to their data center build outs.

With over 35 years — and numerous installations — under our belt, ABM is the premier solution for your data center project management needs.

Our deep-rooted relationships with leading equipment manufacturers and data center vendors allow us to build your project as intended.

Our long-term experience and understanding of data center projects allows us to discover design problems early in the process, avoiding project delays and added costs.

We understand the importance of vendor management and are there to oversee all vendors and subcontractors for an overall successful data center project.

Our Project Management Solutions Include:

  • Assessing Project Scope
  • Creating & Managing Project Schedules
  • Assembling & Managing Project Budgets & Costs
  • Construction Stage Management
  • Complete Project Coordination (Including External & Internal Communications)
  • Quality Control
  • Commissioning

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