There are billions of square feet
of commercial buildings in the U.S. And, nearly all of that space requires lighting.

Lighting accounts for the lion’s share of a facility’s energy consumption — up to 39%.

With rising energy costs and shrinking operating budgets, it’s essential to keep your electrical lighting systems maintained and efficient.

Not only can this help decrease operating and energy costs and reduce wasted energy, it also can help enhance tenant brand image and improve visitor experience.

We know there are many electrical and lighting partners out there.

Why not chose one whose clients include more than 50% of the Fortune 500?

We have the capabilities and world-class expertise to provide you with solutions for all of your electrical and lighting needs — inside and out.

And we’re a product neutral contractor, so we find the best solution for your facility. Every time.

Cost Reduction

Upgrading lighting can cut lighting energy consumption in half. Rebates are available to help with upgrades and various finance options reduce capital outlay.

Limit Downtime

Our thermal imaging can help your facility detect critical updates before emergencies occur.

Risk Mitigation

Well-lit buildings create visibility at night — making your property more attractive while simultaneously helping to improve safety.

Count on Us for all of Your Electrical & Lighting Needs

  • Advanced Lighting Controls Installation and Certification
  • Electrical and Lighting Repair and Upgrades
  • ATM Lighting Design and Certification
  • Energy Saving Retrofits

  • Proactive Lighting Maintenance
  • Ultrasonic Pole Inspections and Pole Replacement
  • Exit/Emergency Lighting Systems and Sign Repairs
  • Landscape Lighting and Design

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