The door to a brick municipal building, ready to admit improvements made possible by energy performance contracting.

Local governments face a plethora of factors that impact their budget.

This includes employee wages and health benefit costs as well as infrastructure demands and changes in prices/inflation.

As revenue resources begin to rebound, cities, towns and counties are reevaluating budget strategies to help minimize the strain from these challenges.

But for many, sufficient funding has not been identified to address increasing resource demands for infrastructure needs.

Fortunately, there are solutions to help.

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We understand these dilemmas and have ways to take the financial burden off of you.

Our expertise in energy performance contracting and public finance allows us to uniquely and collaboratively work with you to help overcome budget challenges and determine solutions to help alleviate financial burdens often associated with facility enhancements.

The program enables you to complete critical infrastructure upgrades through a reallocation of current and future operating budgets that maximizes facilities’ energy efficiency and lowers annual operating costs.

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Providing Facility and Financial Solutions to Local Governments

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Average Annual Savings through ABM’s Energy Performance Contracting Program

30% in annual energy savings

30% in annual energy savings

$2.3 million in savings over 10 - 15 years

$2.3 million in savings over 10 - 15 years

45% in operational savings

45% in operational savings

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