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Improve the value of your facility with high-performance electrical solutions.

Your business works at peak potential when your electrical distribution and lighting systems perform at theirs. ABM ensures your power systems run reliably, optimally, sustainably, and at NFPA 70 standards. You benefit from lower administration and energy costs, fewer system failures, and a better return on your capital investment. ABM provides a full scope of proactive and planned services for your lighting and electrical power needs. We’ll also help you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by installing safe, reliable EV ports outside your facility; offering ENERGY STAR benchmarking; and guiding you to maximum LEED certification.

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Service Specific Benefits

Turn to ABM for dependable, safe, certified, measurable electrical improvements.

Electrical Lighting

Minimize downtime, risk, and operating costs with the appropriate electrical lighting solutions. ABM is a CALCTP certified Acceptance Test Employer and product-neutral contractor with the experience, knowledge, and capacity to improve the productivity and security of your facilities. 

Electrical Power

Ensure the reliability, safety, profitability, and compliance of your facility. Effectively manage your electric distributions with a dependable power system backed by proactive maintenance. ABM will manage the lifecycle of your electrical distribution system and ensure your crew has the necessary safety training.


For more info please visit Electrical Power Solutions and Electrical Power Services.

EV Charging Ports

Charging stations have revolutionized the refueling paradigm by gaining measurable pay-offs and new revenue streams for your business. As one of the leading installers of EV charging ports, ABM will bring this innovative offering to your commercial business or building. With our all-inclusive charging service plan, you can choose between Level 2 or Level 3 DC Fast Charging Stations, instantly creating a value-added amenity for a wider customer base.

NFPA 70E Compliance

Preventing electrical workplace hazards has numerous benefits, including the prevention of shocks, burns, and fatalities. In addition to creating a safe work environment, you ensure the reliability of your facility and reduce your liability of OSHA citations and fines. ABM will ensure you remain secure by keeping you informed and compliant with NFPA 70E standards.

National Accounts

The localized service and centralized support of our National Accounts program help you scale up profitability. A single point of contact oversees your entire portfolio of services, improving communication, reporting, and accountability.


You can manage work orders, reporting, and inspections with our customizable web-based client portal. Our National Accounts program provides real-time visibility into your performance tracking, labor, invoicing, and cost savings. Our 24/7 call center facilitates your service and maintenance with one point of contact, one invoice, and one contract.


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