With patient satisfaction and hospital readmissions playing such a vital role in hospital revenue, little things can make a big difference.

For example, fresh, hygienically clean, linens help create an optimal healing environment that can speed and improve patient outcomes and make their hospital stay that much better.

That’s why ABM Healthcare offers comprehensive healthcare laundry and linen management programs that enhance quality and improve patient experience in this critical customer service area.

Fresh linens play a huge role in presenting a clean and positive healing environment for your patients.

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Professional Onsite Management

Our highly-trained managers have a profound experience in managing laundry operations.

They’re supported by technical laundry specialists who serve as advisors and trainers for the Association for Linen Management (ALM).

Delivering proven results

Increased patient satisfaction

Reduced processing, utility, & expenses

Coordinated linen distribution schedules

Extended life & appearance of linens

Enhanced safety & regulatory compliance

Balanced par levels

Check out Wyoming Medical…

They turned to ABM to assist with environmental and laundry & linen services. They wanted to improve cleaning management processes and enhance staff efficiency and productivity.

Find out how they achieved their goals.

Whether you are looking for a single service, or a fully-integrated, customized solution, we can help!

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