All patient flow in a hospital is interconnected, making patient transportation the hub of movement and an essential ingredient to efficient, cost-effective resource, and support.

Inefficient transportation of patients throughout the facility —  especially in the ED — can cause bottlenecks and crowding, compromise care and trust, and can cost you money.

There’s also patient satisfaction to consider. In this pay for performance world,  patient experience is everything.

Patient transporters are often the first — and most lasting — impression your patients might get of your hospital.

We care about your patients and guests as much as you do. Let us help improve your patient throughput.

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Establishing a successful patient transportation program that focuses on safety, promptness, and a real concern for the well-beings of patients is critical to improving performance, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing expenses in this key area.

ABM has designed patient transportation programs that integrate associate selection, training, and technology to deliver superior quality and service.

Our professionals are personable and compassionate while ensuring patients experience efficient point-to-point transfers, get to their rooms and procedures on time, as well as check-in and check-out of their rooms as quickly as possible.

Professional Management

Our managers are professional and well-trained, and become key members of your patient throughput team. They are dedicated to training, motivating, and coaching the transport associates.

Warm, Caring Transporters

We pre-screen and only select associates with strong communication skills and an aptitude for customer service. Training ensures they receive life support, infection prevention, and safe handling education, as well as continued communications skills.

Automated Patient Tracking

State-of-the art patient tracking technology automatically assigns transports jobs, reduces travel time, and improves patient location. It also reduces schedule conflicts, shortens response times, prevents late pick-ups, and increases accountability.

With an integrated program that combines the right people, training, and technology, you can decrease delays and wait times, preserve the effective use of hospital staff and resources, and ensure maximum occupancy and bed capacity.

Ultimately, this translates to better care, better patient satisfaction, and better business.

Fewer transport delays


Reduced transport costs

Fewer one-way transports


Regulatory compliance

Increased physician satisfaction


Increased patient/visitor satisfaction

Cross-trained associates


Reduced nursing coordination time

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Patient Transportation Is a Critical Link to Efficient, Cost-Effective Operations.

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