Schools no longer have to choose between meeting facility needs or educational priorities.

ABM can help schools:

  • Enable critical upgrades that support faculty and student achievement
  • Avoid future energy costs and capital risks
  • Improve school facilities without new bonds or taxes

Energy Performance Contracting

A bar graph showing declining costs.

Uses Existing Budgets

Money that would have to be spent on future costs is used to pay for upgrades that enable savings.

A bag of cost savings.

Funds Critical Needs

Immediate positive cash flow comes from savings beyond those needed for the program to create general fund relief.

A school building.

Guarantees Results

The cost savings will cover the payments for the contract period – or we step in to pay the difference, not the school.

Benefits of Solutions That Fund Themselves

  • Avoidance of Increased Taxpayer Burden
  • Guaranteed Savings Provide Certainty of Outcome
  • Potential for Tax Credits, Grants, and Rebates
  • Assessment using Capital Volatility Index
  • Single-Sourced Procurement Process

  • Increased Comfort for Faculty and Students
  • Increased Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Accountability through Real-Time Energy Monitoring
  • Improved Equipment Reliability
Image reads “440+”

Buildings improved

Image reads “28%”

Annual energy savings achieved on average*

Image reads “$1,100”

Funding per student produced (average)*

Turnkey Project Management for Facility Improvements Including:

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) Equipment Upgrades and Replacements
  • High Efficiency Lighting Retrofits
  • Energy Management Control Installations and Upgrades
  • Water Conservation Retrofits
  • Energy Awareness Programs
  • Window and Roof Replacements/Repairs
  • IT Upgrades for Smart Learning Environments
Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

In this video, hear firsthand from a superintendent how energy performance contracting helped his K-12 district upgrade key equipment when new bonds and capital weren’t available.

Find more details of successful programs in our Case Studies.
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"With ABM's solution we don't have to select between student-focused initiatives and improving our infrastructure."


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"ABM's expertise with budget neutral solutions for other schools was a big factor in our decision-making process."


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"The program ABM tailored to fit our needs allowed us to make significant upgrades to our facilities."


What Is an ESCO?

An Energy Service Company, or ESCO, uses energy performance contracting to help finance facility retrofits. An accredited member of the National Association of Energy Companies, ABM achieves cost reductions and sustainability goals for our partners by using future savings to enable projects now.

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*These figures are illustrative and based on several factors, including individual state law requirements, availability of materials, and other regulatory and maintenance features, which may vary by location and/or jurisdiction. Please contact your individual ABM representative to discuss potential energy savings for your location.